Our Story

Better Indian Food, ASAP!

If there’s one thing Indians are passionate about, it’s their food. I grew up eating home-cooked meals in India that my mom prepared fresh twice daily. After moving away from home, I missed my mom’s cooking a lot, at first. Then, she gave me the secret to cooking delicious curry dishes in a matter of minutes. I have been using her techniques, that were handed down through generations, for years.

My cooking style is simple and focuses on getting nutritious meals out of the kitchen pronto. I am very particular about food quality and a big advocate of chemical-free ingredients and environment.

In a former IT career, I was a problem solver. My expertise became taking a complex issue and breaking it down into smaller chunks that were far easier to process. Inevitably, this niche became such an integral part of me that it started reflecting in everything I did. That included cooking.

Secret Revealed

When growing up, Indian cooking seemed so complicated that I wanted to have nothing to do with it. Then, my mom helped me realize that part of the cuisine was merely making a saute called “tardka,” that one can accomplish in advance. Then, when you’re cooking a meal, you just integrate the saute into your cooking and voila, you have an exquisite curry dinner.

Although there is some time commitment required in making it, once you have the tardka, you can use it in almost everything you cook in Indian cuisine – from beans, lentils, to meat, and vegetable dishes – varying each dish with a different set of spices.

Once I started using this approach, I immediately fell in love with it. Later, it occurred to me that if I could make the tardka for those who lack time, capacity, or knowledge to do it, I can help more and more people enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals every day. That’s how the idea of QuikCurry™ came to be. In fact, my slogan is, “Better Indian Food, ASAP!” That’s because my tardka paste and spice blends give you the ability to make Indian curries better than what you’ll find at restaurants. Moreover, you can make these delicious meals much easier and quicker than you thought was possible.

The Inspiration

One of my fondest memories from growing up in India is watching the backstreet samosawala flip samosas in the making. I would watch him pack the flattened dough with cooked potato filling, slip the dumplings into the karahi (circular, and deep cooking pot), and gently flip them in the oil as they deep-fried. Best of all, he smiled the whole time – even when handing over the bag full of finished samosas. He looked so content and happy giving people what they enjoyed so much.

In my youth, I wanted to be many things when I grew up, but my dream job was to make and serve nourishing soul foods for others. With QuikCurry™, I feel I have finally been able to fulfill my dream.