Our Ingredients

Quality ingredients
Each ingredient in our concentrates and spice blends has been used for millennia for both culinary and medicinal applications in India. The timeless tradition of Ayurveda is an epitome of the adage “Food is medicine”. By combining various properties of herbs and spices, our concoctions convert your food into medicine when you cook with them. In Ayurvedic speak, spices balance various doshas, effectively enhancing digestion and detoxifying your body of toxins. And they taste great too!

We are very particular about what we put on our plate. What you get is no different. We use the same recipes and ingredients as for our home cooking. Our promise: we won’t feed you anything we won’t feed our family.

All of our products are free of:

  • artificial flavors
  • flavor enhancers
  • GMOs
  • coloring
  • preservatives
  • gluten
  • soy
  • nuts – except coconut oil
  • eggs
  • msg
  • dairy
  • animal products